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Provincial SASAC leaders to our company for inspection research

Author:襄陽軸承   Date:2016-6-1 15:18:44  Clicks:4423

On May 15th, the leaders of provincial sasacWen Zhenfu came to our company for research our chairman Gao Shaobingaccompanied by visiting the production showroom and factory production. Duringthe research, Wen Zhenfu knew the details about the company”s production and operation,and hope ZXY to strive for greater achievements in market development.

May 26th Deputy director of the provincicalsasac Peng Yu came to ZXY for review and research, leader of company Zhang Lei,WangGuanbing, Yuan Zhan accompanied by visiting the company showroom and factory,turning factory, Peng knew the details of company in the production , sales,technology, quality basic situation, and held talks with the company's leadership in the conference room.

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